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The efficient modular design of the PS140 makes it a highly efficient folder/inserter solution, supporting the widest range of mailing applications and always creating professional, high-quality mail pieces. It adapts to promotional and direct marketing campaigns, invoices, monthly statements and so much more… virtually all of your company's current and future mailing needs. The PS140 can do it all - from multiple documents to glossy or coated paper stock to business reply envelopes and ¼" thick booklets.

The PS140's high-capacity feeding and throughput gives you the practical speed to meet your most challenging high-volume production needs. With the unlimited job storage capacity of its powerful programming and control PC-based user interface, there's no limit to the number of application variations you can recall and switch to. Select any of your pre-programmed jobs and the system automatically calibrates itself and is ready in minutes for another run.

  • Process up to 4,500 pieces per hour
  • User-friendly controls guide you step-by-step for quick and simple operation
  • Ability to add additional feeders (up to 17) allows the PS140 to fully adapt to your growing business needs
  • PC driven user interface offers extensive application programming and control of all aspects of the machine, as well as greater access to production data and reports
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